Welcome to Living Loreto

I have heard it said that people who move to the Baja are here for one of two reasons; because of what they are coming to - or because of what they are coming from.  In my case, I am here for both these reasons.  
 I have lived most of the past 7 years in Loreto Bay, a development 15 km outside of the small town of Loreto in Baja California Sur, about 2/3 of the way between Tijuana and Los Cabos, on the east coast of the 1,000 mile long Baja Peninsula.
What attracted me here in the first place was the natural beauty of the surrounding area – with the Sierra de la Giganta mountain range behind us and the Sea of Cortez in front - sunrises over the water, and sunsets behind the mountains.  I think this magical place is best described the way it has been known locally – “Where the mountains come to swim”.  Growing up in Western Canada (near the Rocky Mountains), I still remember the thrill I felt the first time I realized that I was going to be living somewhere that Palm trees grow!
Settled in this natural beauty, the development where my home is located has risen, within the past 10 years, from a sandy crescent beach, to become one of the largest private home developments in all of Mexico with over 600 completed homes.  As the owner of one of the first of those homes completed, I have seen Loreto Bay grow from chalk lines in the sand to a beautiful community of rainbow hued villas clustered around many landscaped courtyards and winding stone paths - all leading to an ever-changing shoreline vista. 
For the past six Seasons I have been helping others find their “place in the sun”, working as a Buyer’s Agent for the largest Broker of Loreto Bay re-sale homes.  Early on I developed my own Mission Statement for this work: “I turn dreams into homes, and homes into dreams.  I live in a beautiful place where ordinary people can live extraordinary lives.  I want to be your neighbor in Loreto Bay, Mexico.”
Coming from a cosmopolitan city of over one million people, I have learned to appreciate the simplicity of my new life in the town of Loreto – population 15,000.  I have seen accelerating change in the town over these years, as new businesses and services grow to meet the demands of the expanding ex-pat community and tourism.  I have also learned to adapt to the continuing challenges of blending North American expectations with Mexican realities – the secret to happiness here is learning NOT to compare.
Early on I learned an important lesson that I still remind myself of from time to time: “I am not going to change Mexico. If I am lucky, Mexico will change me, and if I don’t want that - I shouldn’t be here!”  Well, Mexico (and more particularly Loreto), has changed me – and I like the change!  Five years ago I began to put down my thoughts and experiences about life here in a Blog I call “Living Loreto” and over the years this has become my public diary where I write to better understand and appreciate my day to day life. I hope you come to share those experiences and join in the quiet adventure with me